NCPA Annual Convention

Author: APCI Staff/Friday, August 3, 2018/Categories: APCI News

NCPA 2018 Convention banner

Searching For Ideas To Expand Your Pharmacy Business?

Attend the 2018 NCPA Annual Convention to discover innovative ideas on growing your pharmacy, increasing traffic to your store, AND increasing revenues.

By attending this year’s Convention you will:

  • Gain tips on new tax deductions and capital improvement regulations.
  • Learn marketing tips (and potential risks) related to CBD oils.
  • Discover how to effectively motivate and incentivize your staff to accomplish your goals.
  • Uncover curbside appeal tactics to attract new customers.
  • Discover how setting patient appointments can lead to increased profits.
  • Learn about impending rules and regulations that will affect your pharmacy.
  • Hear from peers participating in CPESN networks about the enhanced services and outcomes plan sponsors are including in new payment models.


Convention will take place in Boston from Saturday, October 6th to Tuesday, October 9th.

Register and book your hotel at

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