Why PRO?

The biggest challenge that is voiced among APCI’s independent and community pharmacies today is the dynamic between diminishing revenues, flat margins and rising costs.

The key to successful management in today’s competitive environment is efficiency. Much like the old mantra of “Location, location, location!” in real estate, businesses are now forced to operate under the premise of “Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency!” As the retail pharmacy industry is now operating within a landscape of very rapid changes, many independent and community pharmacy owners need to change their long-held management philosophies in order to remain profitable. And APCI’s PRO Team is here to help! We can assist you as a pharmacy owner by helping you understand the areas which you can improve in your store, discovering new ways of doing business and confronting problems in a practical way in order to become more profitable.

The PRO team can provide benchmarking information and ratio analysis relevant to the pharmacy industry in a customized annual or semi-annual report, as well as an abundance of data for your individual store through the use of our Dashboard tool.*

These are only two of the many services that PRO can offer your pharmacy to address financial concerns. We also offer many other valuable services, including: store valuations, background checks, store policy manuals, and loss prevention.

There are many variables in the industry that remain outside the control of pharmacy owners, but by focusing on things that can be controlled and proactively managing your business, you can gain a sense of stability and achieve financial success. The PRO Team wants to help you face the financial and management challenges of today’s business environment in order to advance the goal of providing quality healthcare solutions to your customers and community.

You can join PRO today by contacting the PRO Team at 800-532-2724.

*To access the PRO Dashboard, members must be enrolled in both PRO and APNS Programs.

What We Do:

  • Financial Analysis

    • Financial Assessment with Ratio and Trend Analyses
    • Current External Benchmarks, Industry Comparisons and Best Practices
    • Access to the PRO Dashboard with Real-Time Pharmacy Data and Financial Metrics (for members with both PRO and APNS affiliations)
    • Valuation Services
    • Finanacial Projections and Forecasting
  • Loss Prevention and Asset Management Services

    • Pharmacy Security Assessments
    • Eliminate Fraud and Waste
    • Compliance Auditing
  • Operational Management and Improvement

    • Background, Credit and Criminal Checks
    • Operations Management Manuals clearly defining Pharmacy Policies and Procedures for Employees
  • Succession Planning and Brokerage Services