Federal Co-Sponsors: 117th Congress

Listed below are bills introduced before the current Congress that are important to APCI members.

Co-sponsors of each bill are listed in the following table. Numbers in parentheses to the right of the named bill denote only representatives from APCI states/total co-sponsors

The success of these bills depends upon the grassroots efforts of APCI members. If your state is not listed, there are no members of Congress from your state on these bills. If your member of Congress or State is not listed, contact your member of Congress TODAY!

HR 2608 – Ensuring Seniors Access to Local Pharmacies Act (19/20)
AL Carl, Rogers
AR Crawford, Westerman, Hill
GA Carter, Allen
IA Anxe
MD Ruppersberger
NJ Drew
NY Stefanik, Suozzi
PA Keller
SC Timmons
TN Kustoff
TX Gonzalez
VA Griffith
WI Grothman
HR 3554 – Pharmacy DIR Reform to Reduce Senior Drug Cost Act (53/61)
AL Carl, Aderholt, Moore
AR Hill
DE Blunt-Rodchester
FL Buchanan, Posey
GA Carter, Allen, A. Scott, Bourdeaux
IL Krishnamoorthi, Davis
IA Axne, Miller-Meeks
KY Comer, Massie, Rogers
LA Graves, Letlow, Johnson
MD Ruppersberger
MS Kelly, Guest
NJ Van Dreww
NY Jacobs, Suozzi, Stefanik
NC Butterfield, Murphy, Ross, Rouzer
OH Balderson
PA Keller, Fitzpatrick, Joyce, Meuser
SC Norman
TN Rose, Harshbarger, Cooper, Fleischmann, Kustoff, Burchett, Green
TX V. Gonzalez, Williams
VA Griffith, Spanberger, Wittman, Cline
WV McKinley
WI Grothman
HR 6101 – Drug Price Transparency in Medicaid Act of 2021 (5/5)
AL Carl
GA Carter
NY Jacobs
PA Meuser
TX V. Gonzlez
HR 7213 – Equitable Community Access to Pharmacist Services Act (Provider Status) (24/33)
AL Carl
AZ O’Halleran
CA Barragan, Aguilar
FL Bilirakis, Soto
GA Carter
IL Schneider, Schakowsky
IN Bucshon
NJ Gottheimer
NY Katko
NC Ross
OH Brown
OK Mullin
PA Fitzpatrick, Wild, Keller, Dean
TN Harshbarger, Cooper
TX Vesaey
WV McKinley
WI Kind
S. 1362 – Pharmacy and Medically Underserved Area Enhancement Act (Provider Status) (11/15)
AR Cotton, , Boozman
GA Warnock
IA Grassley, Ernst
OH Brown
MI Stabenow, Peters
MS Hyde-Smith
PA Casey
WI Baldwin
S. 1388 – Prescription Pricing for the People Act of 2021 (8/10)
AL Tuberville
CT Blumenthal
IA Grassley, Ernst
NC Tillis
OK Lankford
TN Blackburn
WV Capito
S. 1909 – Pharmacy DIR Reform to Reduce Senior Drug Cost Act (9/13)
AR Boozman
IA Ernst
MS Hyde-Smith, Wicker
OH Brown
OK Lankford, Inhofe
WV Capito, Manchin
S. 4293 – The Pharmacy Benefit Manager Transparency Act of 2022 (3/4)
AR Boozman
IN Braun
IA Grassley