CAPS Membership

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Becoming a member with Comprehensive Audit Prevention Services is a decision well worth making. Pharmacies who are members gain access to products and services to help the pharmacy prepare for audits, and more importantly, prevent the potential recoveries that occur as a result of audits.

Audits will happen. There is no way to eliminate that, but membership with CAPS will reduce the impact of those audits.

What CAPS will do for you

Give step-by-step assistance. Everything from on-call phone counseling, drafting correspondence for the stores, assisting in appeals to on-site assistance will be addressed by the CAPS program. All this is done by pharmacy technicians with field audit experience from the pharmacy benefit management and retail pharmacy environments

How to Join

APCI Choice members receive CAPS services as part of their CHOICE membership. For more information about joining CHOICE, please contact your APCI Account Executive.