Products and Services

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CAPS offers a variety of products and services to inform, educate, and assist its members.

  • CAPS News: CAPS News includes relevant and contemporary articles about information impacting pharmacy audits.
  • Pharmacy Manual: The CAPS Pharmacy Manual provides necessary information to the pharmacy to prepare, educate, and provide references to assist in preventing pharmacy audits and mitigate the potential recoveries by PBMs and processors.
  • Rescheduling Service: See Pharmacy Manual for details.
  • Audit Specialist and Consultation Line: A toll free phone number has been provided for your convenience 855.RxAudit (855.792.8347).
  • Audit Report Review: See Pharmacy Manual for details.
  • Pharmacy Training and Education: Based on data compiled from each member pharmacy’s audit experience, CAPS will offer training suggestions to the pharmacy to prevent future problems with audits.
  • Pharmacy Advice and Audit Assistance: All member pharmacies have access to an Audit Specialist who will give advice and assistance for all aspects of an audit and training.
  • Mediation with Third Party Auditors: Don’t know what to say or ask for when dealing with a third party payor during an audit? CAPS has the experience, knows what to ask, and how to say it on your behalf. We can represent you during communications related to your audit.