Announcing A New Clinical Partnership for APCI Choice Members!

Author: APCI Staff/Monday, March 1, 2021/Categories: APCI News

Greetings APCI Members!

I’m reaching out to all APCI members today to make you aware of a NEW clinical partnership program available to our CHOICE subscribers, that is the country’s first fully connected digital vaccination network. This network program drives patients to access your COVID-19 testing services through national contracts with self-insured employers, payers, government organizations, airlines and more. These patients can schedule immunizations with your pharmacy and automatically receive and share their paperless vaccination records and schedule their follow up vaccines.

As a preferred network member, APCI pharmacies have access to integrated scheduling, clinical documentation tools and optional integration with other ongoing clinical programs. You’ll receive all the software you need to participate in this network program, plus you can continue using your existing FDA EUA COVID-19 tests you have on hand or can purchase test kits and supplies directly through our partner network.

APCI continually seeks out these types of clinical programs and services that can enhance and compliment your CHOICE membership. Our new partner delivers payers, employers, brands, pharma and consumers to your pharmacy and pays you direct for your services. Because we feel so strongly about enrolling our members in this value-added opportunity, APCI is including this new program in your CHOICE membership at No Additional Cost for the first 12 months when you enroll.


I’m sure you have questions about this new clinical opportunity and how it works. Be watching for an email coming soon from CHOICE detailing the services available, network access features and the benefits of this NEW APCI CHOICE Clinical Pharmacy Network, as well as instructions on signing up.


Tim Hamrick