APhA Monoclonal Antibody Therapy Administration Training

Author: APCI Staff/Friday, September 17, 2021/Categories: APCI News

With the announcement of the Department of Health and Human Services' 9th Amendment to the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Act last week, licensed pharmacists are now authorized to both order and administer monoclonal antibodies as COVID-19 therapies. Qualified pharmacy technicians and pharmacy interns are also authorized to administer these COVID-19 therapeutics to populations authorized by the FDA.

The American Pharmacists Association (APhA) is offering training that meets the requirements of the PREP Act 9th Amendment. The free course will review the clinical evaluation of indications and contraindications for COVID-19 therapeutics, adverse events, as well as and product-specific requirements or considerations related to FDA approval, authorization, clearance or licensing of COVID-19 therapeutics.

This training program is designed to fully satisfy the requirements of the PREP Act by supplementing APhA's Pharmacy-based Immunization Delivery certificate training program.

If you are interested in administering monoclonal antibody therapies, visit the APhA's e-learning website at https://elearning.pharmacist.com/products/6774/covid-19-monoclonal-antibody-assessment-administration for more information and to register for the training.