APCI Retains Arent Fox in Fight Against Abusive PBMs

Author: APCI Staff/Tuesday, September 28, 2021/Categories: APCI News

APCI announced that it has engaged the Government Relations group of Washington, D.C.-based Arent Fox, LLP to assist in APCI’s public policy strategies related to the support of locally-owned, independent community pharmacies.

Independent pharmacies in the United States are currently burdened by bad policy and an uneven playing field, made worse by unfair and abusive policies employed by pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), middlemen in the drug supply chain. APCI will work with Arent Fox with the goal of bringing about a more equitable prescription reimbursement system that is fair to patients, payers, and pharmacies.

APCI CEO Tim Hamrick said the co-op’s efforts with Arent Fox will supplement the work done by other organizations such as the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA).

“NCPA is fighting hard on behalf community pharmacy every day on the Hill. APCI recognizes this is a fight for the future and soul of community pharmacy.  With the help of Arent Fox, APCI will look to work with and support the efforts of NCPA and other stakeholders and fight to end PBM abuses and work towards a transparent and healthy prescription drug reimbursement model,” Hamrick said.

The Arent Fox, LLP Government Relations group is a diverse, bipartisan, and bicameral mix of former public servants with firsthand knowledge of the inner workings of Capitol Hill and the Executive Branch. The group includes two former U.S. senators, Doug Jones, (D-Ala.) and Byron Dorgan, (D-N.D.) and a former U.S. congressman, Phil English, (R-Pa). Jones, Dorgan, and English are joined by other key members of the Arent Fox team whose roster includes decades of experience on Capitol Hill and in the healthcare industry.

APCI leads with its long-time Director of Legislative Affairs, Bill Eley, and newly engaged Director of Healthcare Policy and General Counsel Greg Reybold. Eley, Reybold, and other APCI staff will work with Arent Fox’s highly regarded team of government and policy leadership to provide innovative strategy and tireless advocacy in support of APCI’s policy goals.

APCI is a member-owned cooperative of 1,700 member pharmacies in 30 states. Established in 1984 and headquartered in Bessemer, Ala., APCI’s mission is to protect and promote the interests of independent pharmacy. APCI enables its member pharmacies to improve their positions in a competitive marketplace with an extensive offering of exceptional services and comprehensive programs.