APCI Partners with RxHearing for OTC Hearing Aids

Author: APCI Staff/Tuesday, August 29, 2023/Categories: APCI News, Front End Development

American Pharmacy Cooperative, Inc. has partnered with RxHearing to offer medical-grade OTC Hearing Aids and Hearing Care services to co-op members.

RxHearing is the leading provider of OTC Hearing Aids to Independent Pharmacies in the US. Their team of Licensed Hearing Specialists has a combined 100 years of experience in the hearing care industry. Their professional quality hearing aids meet FDA Standards for Mild-to-Moderate hearing loss. RxHearing offers each of their participating pharmacies an in-store station that allows their patient community to perform free hearing tests. They also offer free hearing consultations with their licensed hearing specialists. RxHearing provides a comprehensive hearing care platform that makes hearing aids affordable and hearing care services accessible to those in need.

Members who have launched with RxHearing have increased their revenues, generated more foot-traffic and expanded their value-added services to differentiate themselves in their community.

Their most proactive pharmacies are generating over $15,000 in total revenues per month based off their sales of OTC Hearing Aids. The pharmacies can sell in-store and/or online, through a dedicated site that RxHearing provides its Partners. When a patient performs a hearing test at your location, an automated video plays that provides a recommendation of the best RxHearing aids that fits your patient’s hearing loss parameters.

Over 38 Million Americans suffer from hearing loss. Only 18% of this population is currently wearing hearing aids. This is due to the affordability and accessibility of hearing aid solutions. RxHearing provides OTC hearing aid solutions that will treat 80% of people who suffer from hearing loss.

A founding member of APCI, Brooklere Pharmacy, has RxHearing in their location. They’ve been quoted as saying about RxHearing: “It’s easy to launch. They provide extensive training. They have excellent customer service. Our patients love our new hearing aids.”

“RxHearing is a dedicated partner to APCI and their Members. We do all we can to ensure the success of our pharmacy partners. By offering professional quality hearing aids to their patients, they’re not only discovering a new source of revenues, but a way to improve the health and well-being of their patients” – Chuck Ottaviano, CEO of RxHearing.

To learn more about their program and Register through their APCI page – please visit: An OTC Hearing Care Solution Designed for APCI Pharmacies | RxHearing

They offer a 60 Day Trial to all APCI Members. If you’re not successful with selling their hearing aids, they will buy back your inventory at full price.

All their hearing aids come pre-programmed, are rechargeable and are fully adjustable. They also come with a 30-Day money-back-guarantee. APCI Members also receive a dedicated 10% discount off Retail to offer their patients.

ABOUT RxHearing

RxHearing delivers an OTC Hearing Care solution designed for independent pharmacies. They’re currently in over 100 US locations. They’re based in Florida, with a national presence. Their hearing aids start at $360 per pair.

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