Advertising and Marketing Services

Tap into your "in-house' creative pool - The professionals of APCI's Advertising and Marketing Team!

A pharmacy is a business, and — like all businesses — must be marketed and sold to your community. Unfortunately, it isn't true that "if you build it they will come"; most businesses need little extra push to be successful, and that is where APCI's Advertising and Marketing services come in.

APCI's Advertising and Marketing team is ideally suited to the task of helping you get the word out about your business and driving traffic to your pharmacy. Fueled by your specific needs and our desire to help you grow, the APCI Advertising and Marketing experts are ready and eager to put their creative capabilities to work for you!

APCI's Advertising and Marketing services available to our members include:

For more information on how to better market your pharmacy, contact the APCI Marketing Team at (800) 532-2724 or by email at




April Journal Now Available

This month's issue features ways APCI members can prepare to offer COVID-19 testing, along with a deep dive into financial issues related to the Payroll Protection Program and best practices for audit prevention during the pandemic.




Ad Program Schedule 2017-2018

The APCI Advertising and Marketing Department has released its 2017-2018 Ad Program Schedule, per the Mspark Program Planner for 2017-2018.