Fred’s Changes Are an Opportunity for You!

Author: APCI Staff/Wednesday, October 3, 2018/Categories: APCI News

Fred's Rx transfer banner

Dear APCI members,

Many of you have heard by now that Fred’s has announced that Walgreens is purchasing the files from 185 of its pharmacies, plus inventory. This leaves Fred’s with approximately 150 pharmacies, mostly in markets that do not and/or cannot support a Walgreens. Additionally, Fred’s has announced that it is planning to sell its remaining pharmacies.

We have information that, with limited exceptions, Walgreens targeted stores that are within a 13-mile radius of their stores. While this transaction is waiting on approval by the federal government, NOW is the time to act!

This is a great opportunity for our members in several ways:

  1. For those with Fred’s/Walgreens in their market: Prepare to capture patients during this time of uncertainty and transition! This is a fantastic marketing opportunity! Danny Slade and the APCI marketing team have created signage and an EDDM for the Fred’s campaign. You can download an information sheet here that shows the offerings. In addition, as always, the APCI marketing department can work with individual members to create custom materials as well.
  2. For those with Fred’s only in their market: In addition to marketing support, there is the potential to acquire the files, hire key staff, etc.
  3. For those who are looking to expand their operations: This is an excellent time to investigate nearby markets.

No one likes confusion – especially patients! Given the choice, a Fred’s patient will choose an Independent every day over a chain! Please let us know how we can help.