Legislative Affairs

“One of the penalties of not participating in politics is that you will be governed by your inferiors.”


The mission of APCI’s Legislative Affairs division is to promote and protect the political and economic interests of all APCI members. In order to accomplish that mission, Legislative Affairs:

  • Provides lobbyist and/or legislative assistance in all APCI member states
  • Identifies pharmacy-friendly political candidates and generate funding to support them
  • Contributes to state associations and organizations with similar legislative focus
  • Identifies political leaders to meet and key meetings or conferences to attend
  • Establishes routine and structured legislative meetings in each state
  • Leverages APCI account representatives and staff personnel
  • Utilizes APCI's Board of Directors to attend selected legislative events
  • Encourages APCI member participation and support of NCPA
  • Maintains a Washington, D.C., presence, supporting NCPA and developing direct relationships

For more information about APCI's Legistative Affairs division, contact us or call (800) 532-2724.