Professional and Clinical Affairs

APCI’s Professional and Clinical Affairs department is exploring many ways for APCI members to not only survive, but also to thrive, as the role of pharmacy grows in the world of health care.

Professional and Clinical Affairs is investigating many programs and services to assist our members in the clinical arena, such as adherence programs, MTM, immunization training, and diabetes management, just to name a few.

The focus on clinical pharmacy will help increase a pharmacy’s CMS Star ratings, improve patient health, and bring new revenue streams to pharmacies. At independent pharmacies, an increase in quality means better patient care and value. And while we work with our members to increase their Star ratings, Professional and Clinical Affairs is also working with APCI Choice to create model plans for Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) that will enhance their overall Star ratings. Additionally, APCI Choice and Professional and Clinical Affairs work closely together on contractual issues, as well as ways to best provide information to member pharmacies.

For more information about how Professional and Clinical Services can help your pharmacy, contact APCI at (800) 532-2724.




Collaborative Practice Agreement (CPA) interest survey

As we prepare for the new flu season, APCI’s Professional and Clinical Affairs department is conducting a survey to determine interest in Collaborative Practice Agreements (CPA) for Point of Care services.




Hot Topic Tuesday looks at HPV

APCI’s Hot Topic Tuesday webinar series returns on Aug. 21 for a discussion of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) in Young Adults.

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