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APCI is pleased to announce a new technological partnership with PrescribeWellness, an innovative technology company that, among other performance functions, measures and tracks STAR ratings.

To maximize the profitability of independent pharmacies which will be accomplished by deploying financial analysis and tools to increase margins, reduce expenses, eliminate waste and protect assets.

As you know, CMS assigns Medicare Advantage and Part D prescription drug plans an overall STAR rating of 1 to 5 stars based on a plan’s performance associated with quality measures. These ratings were established to address the growing concern of healthcare cost and inefficiencies related to poor medication adherence, mostly from hospitalized treatment of chronic conditions.

Because these ratings are very important to our member pharmacies and the APNS network, APCI partnered with PrescribeWellness to develop a powerful tool for APCI Choice members… the PRO Wellness dashboard. This dashboard is a single source dashboard of STAR rating indicators & adherence assistance, financial information and much more, that seamlessly integrates pharmacy specific data from the PRO platform into the new PRO Wellness model.

The information on this dashboard is not just for Medicare Part D but will be for all pharmacy patients and all payers. The vision for the new PRO Wellness dashboard was to make it possible for pharmacies to be much more proactive... and the resulting technology does just that!

APCI anticipates new contract negotiations will include payer based performance measures similar to CMS’ STAR ratings. That necessitates even more the need for tools to assist pharmacies in achieving the highest levels of efficiencies.

APCI continues its commitment in providing its members with tools to educate, proactively manage patients, improve outcomes and save health care dollars. Launching the PRO Wellness dashboard demonstrates this commitment to being a network of high performing pharmacies.

PRO Wellness… Your Access To A More
Performance Focused APCI Choice Experience

As an APCI Choice member you will be provided a secure log on to the PRO Wellness dashboard which will include:

  • Individual pharmacy’s view of the 3 adherence measurements and the 2 safety measurements
  • Ability to instantly identify patients that are negatively impacting ratings
  • Ability to instantly contact the patient or physician as appropriate
  • Med sync capabilities to assist patients in synchronizing their medication refills
  • Demographic reporting
  • Performance reporting
  • The APCI PRO financial dashboard of key performance indicators such as Sales Gross margin, Payer information, Accounts receivable, and inventory management

For more information, contact PRO at (800) 532-2724

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